Day trip with yacht and a captain

You spend your holidays on a yacht - but always only mooring in the harbour?!

Of course, you can also sail across the Baltic Sea once with the "Explorer" - in the company of an experienced captain - if circumstances permit*.

Of course, a trip around the exciting and world-famous chalk coast of the nearby sunny island of Rügen, the white city above the sea -Sassnitz (here on the left in the picture) is a good idea. Or even further, along the coast of the island of Usedom to Swinemünde (Poalnd)...

*) Please note:
The day trip can of course only take place if the captain is also available - but usually this is not a problem.
And of course the weather conditions have to be decisive.

The booking of the day trip is separate from the booking of the holiday flat.
Please use our contact form for this purpose. 

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